Again Deep Pruning of Trees as Method of Combating Pests

Again Deep Pruning of Trees as Method of Combating Pests


We can’t acknowledge the explanations that deep pruning of trees hinder the growth and development of trees and at the same time it’s a way to combat the pests. On 21 March at the meeting with public representatives, Avet Martirosyan, Head of Environmental Department of Yerevan Municipality, assured that the issue of deep pruning was discussed with Zhirayr Vardanyan, Director of the Institute of Botany of NAS RA, and as a result, the Municipality reached a decision to leave several branches on the trunk in order not to disturb the natural life cycle of the tree. “We receive many complaints from the residents that insects get into residential houses and disturb the residents,” Avet Martirosyan said. EcoLur’s position is as following (expressed by EcoLur President Inga Zarafyan), “The greening in Yerevan has one main aim – to mitigate the harsh microclimate and give oxygen to the city. Trees without leaves can’t perform this function.” The trimming in the form of trunks may survive without leaves, but they will remain trunks until the next season, when their branches and leaves will grow, i.e. when they will be cut down again. We need to find another way to combat the pests and not to destroy the green mass.” Avet Martirosyan noted that greening the city remains one of the most urgent issues. He also informed about the cleaning day on 9 April and invited the public representatives to take part in it and to plant trees. In reply to the question on the selected areas, Martirosyan replied that the selected areas have water supply – Tsitsernakaberd, Victory Park and Yerevan Botanical Garden.

18:30 March 23, 2016


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