Unigraph Actively Collecting Stray Dogs "To Neutralize" Them

Unigraph Actively Collecting Stray Dogs "To Neutralize" Them


EcoLur has received an alarm signal from Avan residents that “Unigraph X” organization is taking stray dogs without any discrimination. “We have two cubs near our building, whom we regularly feed and I have even found an owner for them, but the people from “Unigraph” had caught them. We were able to return them and now they are in their owners’ houses. Let them take away big stray dogs, who feed themselves in the garbage landfills and not the cubs we care about,” said Avan resident in her interview with EcoLur.

On 20 October at the regular meeting held at Yerevan Municipality the Mayor considered the activities to be unsatisfactory and instructed to reconsider the work of corresponding company and the commission. “Every Monday we are reported that a certain number of stray animals have been neutralized however the number of animals doesn’t decrease. I expect big changes in this regard. Be strict, work systematically and report on the violations at once. As we are discussing the budget of 2015 submit the staff of the new commission which is to include members of the Council of Elders and in the process of purchases include representatives of NGOs”, stressed Taron Margaryan.

15:40 October 22, 2014


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