"Golden Palace" Hotel Constructing a Branch in Victory Park

"Golden Palace" Hotel Constructing a Branch in Victory Park


On 18 July, at  12:00, the public hearings on the construction of the fourth building of “Golden Palace” Hotel will be held at 2/2 Azatutyun Avenue, Yerevan. The new building is planned to be constructed in the backyard of “Golden Palace” Hotel in the area of 1.7 ha owned by ““Golden Palace” Hotel” LLC.

Under the project, no tree felling is planned during the construction of a new building. Three fur trees were planted in the territory of the hotel. In general, additional 730 sq. meter area is planned for greening.

Reminder: “Golden Palace” Hotel was constructed in the area of Victory Park, a fact opposed by environmental society. Numerous trees were cut down during the construction, while nobody was held liable for it and no fines were imposed.

It should be mentioned though the expertise hasn’t been finalized and no positive opinion is issued to the construction of the building, the construction itself has long been launched, which violated RA law “On Environmental Impact Expert Assessment.”

13:16 July 14, 2014


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