Shengavit Quarter Head Bears Responsibility for Solution to Water Problem

Shengavit Quarter Head Bears Responsibility for Solution to Water Problem


Today, on 3 September, Shengavit administrative quarter head Armen Sargsyan received the residents of 11 Street Verin Shengavit, who have been deprived of water for already 23 days, as resident Anahit Khroyan said in her interview with EcoLur.

Under her, Armen Sargsyan told the residents that he had talked with the administration of “Yerevan Jur” CJSC, where he arranged to start the works of pipe laying at 11 Street Verin Shengavit in the morning of 5 September. It’s not clear when the works will be accomplished.

The administrative quarter head also said the residents will cover the expenses of the pipes (each resident – 20,000 AMD), while all other costs will be covered by “Yerevan Jur” CJSC with the support of Shengavit quarter administrative area. Anahit Khroyan said that 50 families had already paid for the pipes and they collected 1,100,000 AMD, five more families are going to pay for the pipes.

At the end of the meeting Ludvig Aslanyan outlined, if this problem is not solved, they will call upon the court, but Quarter Head Armen Sargsyan said there is no need to call upon the court and he bears the responsibility for the solution to the problem.

It should be mentioned that the absence of water generated an anti-hygienic situation at 11 Street Verin Shengavit, which the residents can’t stand any longer.

17:16 September 03, 2014


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