"Sochut" Dendropark in Photos


One of the coziest places in Armenia is Sochut Dendropark, where over 500 plant species are brought from Yerevan Botanical Zoo, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, Portugal, China and USA. The beauty of the dendropark is hard to describe. The forest area is 17.5 ha, while trees with ornaments occupy 15 ha. The Dendropark was established in 1931 by Polish engineer-forester Edmon Leonovich. Now his son Vitali Leonovich is in charge of the preservation of the Dendropark, who was awarded Departmental Gold Medal of Nature Protection Ministry for the significant contribution into nature protection. Below are the photos of “Sochut” Dendropark.

This material has been prepared in the course of the training and media tour designed for journalists in the frames of ENPI FLEG II, which is implemented by the World Bank in partnership with the IUCN and WWF with the financial support of the Austrian Development Agency.

17:24 November 22, 2016

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