Armenia is One of Countries with Richest Biodiversity Worldwide

Armenia is One of Countries with Richest Biodiversity Worldwide


The world celebrates World Biodiversity day on 22 May, as declared by the UN General Assembly on 20 December 2000. In regard to this day, Acting Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan addressed a congratulation speech: 'To outline the priority of biodiversity preservation, in 1993 the UN adopted its convention on biodiversity, which has been signed by over 168 countries worldwide. Valuing the process initiated by the international community, the Republic of Armenia also ratified the abovementioned convention in 1993 and signed a number of environmental international agreements and protocols regarding biodiversity and undertook a number of commitments. The implementation of these commitments is directed at the efficient preservation of environment and rich biodiversity in Armenia. Currently, the Republic of Armenia classifies environmental issues, particularly those of biodiversity preservation among national and state priorities. We congratulate our citizens with the World Biodiversity Day: 'Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism' is the topic of 2017, which aims to raise awareness of the important contribution of sustainable tourism in economy growth and biodiversity preservation. Because of human factor, wild flora and fauna species are disappearing at fast rates worldwide. According to the UN data, around 34000 flora species and 5200 fauna species are on the verge of extinction. Every 8th species among birds is also on the verge of extinction, the same is true about 30% of farm animals. Armenia doesn't fall behind these rates. Thus, the new Red Book compiled in 2010 includes 452 plant species instead of 367 species included in 1989, 153 animal species instead of 99 and 40 fungi species and 155 invertebrate species.'

17:56 May 22, 2017

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