Problem with Lions in Gyumri Zoo To Be Solved
18:32 January 27, 2016 | Biodiversity | Shirak
The kick-off meeting of the working group established by Nature Protection Minister Aramayis Grigoryan’s order to make amendments to the governmental resolution on red-listed animals was held
What Is Expecting to Zangezour Biosphere Complex?
18:33 January 15, 2016 | Biodiversity | Syunik
“Zangezour Biosphere Complex” is facing the challenge of mining industry. In this complex of specially protected areas of nature, the number of people wanting to deal with mining and geoprospecting works is getting more and more
Magel Cave Endangered with Governmental Resolution
17:09 December 24, 2015 | Biodiversity | Vayots dzor
The Armenian Government has adopted resolution 'On Approving Action Plan Aimed to Ensure Effective Use of Caves for Tourism Purposes', which poses great danger for Bears, Mozrov and Magel Caves
Flora and Fauna in Armenia Endangered
12:56 December 24, 2015 | Biodiversity | Ararat
Ararat Region is the “leader” in the number of red-listed species appeared in the Red Book of Armenia – 143, followed by Syunik and Gegharkounik Regions
Nature Protection Ministry Denies
12:09 December 17, 2015 | Biodiversity | Gegharkunik
Recently the mass media published that allegedly other fish or hybrid species are let out into Lake Sevan together with Geghrakouni (Sevan trout) and summer
Central Asian Leopard Habitats Seized in Russia
19:00 December 01, 2015 | Biodiversity
The Greenpeace has disseminated a statement, which says that Russian officials are sizing the specially protected areas located near Sochi. The Central Asian Leopard, which is red-listed

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