Ecocorridors - New Protected Areas in Armenia

Ecocorridors - New Protected Areas in Armenia


WWF Armenia launches a new project on creation of eco-corridors that will connect the specially protected areas. The first corridor will run from Arevik National Park to Khosrov reserve. It will include the land areas of 46 communities with a total area of 150,850 ha. The main sections of the corridor is “Khosrov Forest” Reserve, then through communities located along the Arpa River, then the corridor runs through Gnishik gorge, Zangezour mountain range to the south, it heads to Zangezour reserve and then through Zangezour biospheric complex – Shikahogh reserve, Khoustoup reserve, Bogakar and Arevik National Park.

The corridor shall ensure the preservation off most vulnerable species, particularly the Caucasian leopard, Armenian moufflon, Caucasian bear and others.

Among the risks threatening these species poaching shall be outlined together with drastic development of infrastructures, which destroy animal and plant habitats, mining industry, overexploitation of bioresources, climate change, uncontrollable tourism and cattle pasture.

The establishment of such an econetwork will require new legislative initiatives and new approaches in the management. The project is estimated to be continued till 2020.

18:43 April 14, 2015


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