Development of Biosphere Reserves in Armenia

Development of Biosphere Reserves in Armenia


A new concept of specifically protected areas of nature is introduced into Armenia – biospheric reserve. The specifically protected areas of nature have already been selected, which shall turn into biosphere reserves on the basis of Zangezour Biospheric Complex in Syunik Region and Sevan National Park in Gegharkounik Region.

Zangezour Biospheric Complex was established in 2013 on the basis of Shikahogh” state reserve, “Pine Park” state reserve and “Khoustoup” state reserve, “Areviq” branch includes “Areviq” national park and “Boghaqar” state reserve for the purpose of reducing the costs of specifically protected areas of nature. Under the governmental resolution 1465-Ն dated on 19 December 2013, seven specifically protected areas of nature were united in one entity.

German KfW Bank promised 8.25 million Euros for the development of this area in the frames of 'Support to Preserved Areas: Armenia' project, the first tranche of which was transferred in the spring of 2017.

Project leader Heino Hertel informed EcoLur these funds will be directed to the improvement of the socio-economic state of 32 communities adjacent to Zangezour biospheric complex. There is already the project of ensuring Tsav, Shikahogh, Srashen and Nerqin Hand communities adjacent to 'Shikahogh' state reserve with wood.

'RA Nature Protection Ministry and 'ArmForest' has signed a contract on the provision of fuelwood to these villages and our project will pay for this fuelwood, which costs around 80,000 Euros. We also provide energy efficient windows, which cost 100,000 Euros. Next year we are planning to install energy-efficient stoves in the houses,' Heino Hertel said. No other practical measures are implemented in other communities.

The project on establishing biosphere reserve based on Sevan National Park still doesn't have any funding.

18:53 November 21, 2017


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