Impact of Amulsar Heap Leach Facility on Gndevaz To Be Discussed on 3 April

Impact of Amulsar Heap Leach Facility on Gndevaz To Be Discussed on 3 April


A discussion on Amulsar project risks will be held in Gndevaz community, Vayots Dzor Region, on 3 April.

As Hayrapet Mkrtchyan informed EcoLur, three main questions will be discussed, “The first question is the proximity of the heap leach facility to us: the second is its impact on our orchards, while the third question refers to Jermuk resorts and the open mine and their compatibility,” Gndevaz community head said.

It should be mentioned that the discussion was appointed on 16 April, nevertheless, it was postponed, as the relevant specialists of the company are abroad.

Reminder: on 12 March Gndevaz resident raised Amulsar gold mining and heap leach facility risks at Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan. The PM promised the residents that the representatives of the state bodies, who had put their signatures under the permitting documents, would be present at the meeting with the company to be held on 16 March.
Amulsar mine is located at the borderline of Vayots Dzor and Syunik regions. The mine will be developed in an opencast manner by Lydian International Company as represented by Lydian Armenia subsidiary company. The gold will be extracted from the ore with heap leaching technologies in the administrative area of Gndevaz community.

16:09 March 15, 2017

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