Court Hearings on Amulsar and Litchq Mines Postponed

Court Hearings on Amulsar and Litchq Mines Postponed


The court hearings on Amulsar and Litchq mines to be held in RA Administrative Court on 16 February have been put off: One case refers to the cancelation of permitting documents on Amulsar gold mining project, while the other case refers to the cancelation of Litchq copper mining project. In case of Amulsar, a claim was filed by 12 residents of Gndevaz Community, Vayots Dzor Region, 'EcoRight' and 'EcoDar' Environmental NGOs. The preliminary hearing on Amulsar was appointed at 15:40 on 16 March 2017. The court hearing on Litchq was postponed with the substantiation that the status of all parties haven't been specified yet. In case of Litchq, a claim was filed by 'EcoRight' NGO demanding to annul the permitting documents for mining.

The plaintiff was represented by Barrister Hayk Alumyan and Arthur Grigoryan, President of 'Ecoright' NGO. The respondent was represented by Levon Gevorgyan from RA Nature Protection Ministry and Ruzanna Piloyan from Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources.
Before postponing the court hearing, the court decided to involve 'Tatstone' LLC as a third party. The preliminary court hearings on Litchq was appointed ay 12:10 on 18 April.
'EcoRight' NGO President Arthur Grigoryan said in his interview with EcoLur that the Ministry for Energy Resources has issued an act of geological allotment. After concluding a final contract with the company, an amendment was made to the act of geological allotment based Energy Minister's order and the mining area was expanded twice.

18:41 February 16, 2017

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