Collapse in Gndevaz Community Because of Explosions in Gold Mine

Collapse in Gndevaz Community Because of Explosions in Gold Mine


The Ministry for Emergency States received an alarm signal at 19:14 on 10 April that the wall of the granary (2 sq.m.) located on the first floor of a two-storey house at Street 5 in Gndevaz Community had collapsed because of the explosions regularly carried out in the gold mine. The operative brigade arrived at the scene, where it was found out that one of the walls of the facilities in the houses in Street 5 in Gndevaz Community had collapsed. This information was handed to the Department Head of Regional Municipality Urban Development and administrative representative of Gndevaz Village. 'The person who called, he assumed by himself that the collapse was due to the explosions in the mine. Our operative group found out on the spot, that the building was old and had cracks. We can't point out the cause of the collapse. It's within the competence of the Urban Development Department of Regional Municipality,' MES Information and Public Relations Department told EcoLur. 'We learnt about the collapse yesterday evening, but we still don't know about its causes. The MES shall send its experts so as to find out the cause together with our specialists,' Vayots Dzor Municipality Urban Development Department informed. In his interview with EcoLur the administrative representative of Gndevaz community Hayrapet Mkrtchyan outlined that only 'Lydian Armenia' company is implementing explosion works in the community area. 'Lydian' is getting ready for the development of Amulsar gold mine and is currently constructing a heap leach facility in the area of Gndevaz Community. 'Our resident informed me that the wall of his granary had collapsed. I told him to call 911 so as they would come and give a conclusion about the reason for the collapse. As 911 outlined that the cause was mine explosions, had nothing else to say, as only 'Lydian' is currently conducting explosions in the rural area. I only know that the resident has incurred huge damage,' Hayrapet Mkrtchyan said. In reply to the question whether he, as an administrative representative of the community, is going to demand compensation for the damage caused to the resident by 'Lydian Armenia', Hayrapet Mkrtchyan said, 'We have always demanded to insure the buildings and health of the people. During the last discussion Lydian said, they are insuring the third party. I have asked the MES to invite also people from 'Lydian' to shoot the scene. Yes, we are going to demand damages.' Hayrapet Mkrtchyan also mentioned that as far as he knows no one has bodily injuries because of the collapse.

12:37 April 11, 2017

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