Amulsar Mining Project Again To Be Discussed in Gndevaz Village on 16 March

Amulsar Mining Project Again To Be Discussed in Gndevaz Village on 16 March


Gndevaz villagers, Vayots Dzor Region, raised the question of Amulsar gold mining project and the construction of a heap leach facility at their meeting with Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan on 12 March. 'It's an ecological disaster for the village,' Gndevaz villager Mihrdat Nersisyan told EcoLur, 'And we hope to stop Amulsar project.'

It's already several days since people have been attempting to make Amulsar project more active, which is implemented by Lydian Armenia Company. 'Warm weather facilitated the launch of works in the area of a heap leach facility, which is located in a distance of 1 km from our houses. Now even those who didn't think of risks, they realize we have a hazardous production near us. Another part of the youth, which supported the company and hoped to get a job, is dissastisfied woth the absence of jobs and they are demanding from the company to keep their promises, as the social situation in the village is very tense,' Mihrdat Nersisyan said.

Gndevaz villager Abel nersisyan demanded to insure risks born by Amulsar project, 'Whether any insurance company will insure me, my house and my crops from cyanide, dust containing heavy metals? We are located near the HLF. I have an apricot orchard of 200 square metes, while my neighbor has an orchard of 1 ha. Our animals graze near the HLF, the wind from Amulsar blows in our direction. As soon as mine explosions start, we will find ourselves under these emissions. We won't get any compensation and we want at least all risks to be insured,' Abel Nersisyan said.
The Prime Minister promised to fulfill the what Gndevaz villagers asked for, so as the representatives of the governmental bodies, which had put their signatures under the positive opinions of permitting documents – environmental impact assessment opinion and the opinion ossued by Lake Sevan Committee, also took part in the meeting with the company to be held on 16 March. 'The old government gave a green light to Amulsar and we don't expect anything from it. Let's see what the new government can do,' Gndevaz villagers said.

16:13 March 12, 2017

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