Amulsar: even "responsible" mining is destructive - Dr. Anahid Shirinian-Orlando
17:00 February 17, 2015 | Amulsar | Syunik | Vayots dzor
Lydian International Limited company, registered in an offshore zone, presented a document entitled "Amulsar Project, November 2014" to Armenians in the Diaspora. This document is superficial, misleading and incomplete. This is what thinks Anahit Shirinian-Orlando, an environmental scientist-engineer living in Los Angeles, who says No to mining at Amulsar
Right to Water Violated in Armenia
14:45 February 10, 2015 | Amulsar | Gegharkunik | Syunik | Vayots dzor
Mining pollutes rivers, particularly, transboundary Debed, Voghji and Aras rivers. These rivers are polluted by
Amulsar: Profitable or Lethal Cyanide
16:16 December 11, 2014 | Amulsar | Syunik | Vayots dzor
The people interested in the ecological problems in Armenia once again got convinced that the environmental expertise in our country doesn’t serve
They are now begging the Diaspora for money to exploit Amulsar mine
17:27 November 07, 2014 | Amulsar | Syunik | Vayots dzor
The heads of “Lydian International”, a company registered in the UK’s Channel Islands, and its Armenian affiliate “Geoteam” held a meeting with the Los Angeles Armenian community on October 2nd, where they called on people to invest in the Amulsar gold mine. A similar meeting is scheduled on November 7th in New York
Attempt To Legalize Amulsar Project Failed (Photo)
12:28 October 31, 2014 | Amulsar | Syunik | Vayots dzor | Yerevan
The attempt to legalize Amulsar project has failed, either by its international standards, or the domestic legislation or not allowing the stakeholders to attend the discussion on Amulsar project. On 30 October the protest demonstration against Amulsar gold mining project was accompanied
Statement of the civil initiative S.O.S. Amulsar
16:26 October 30, 2014 | Amulsar | Syunik | Vayots dzor
The Initiative S.O.S Amulsar issued a statement to the organizers and participants of the discussion of Amulsar project. The statement says,
Protest Demonstration  - No To New Mining in Armenia
11:00 October 30, 2014 | Amulsar | Syunik | Vayots dzor | Yerevan
The Pan-Armenian Environmental Front is holding a protest demonstration on 30 October under the slogan ' No To New Mining in Armenia '. The protest demonstration is organized

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