Whether Amulsar Problem To Be Solved Through Referendum?

Whether Amulsar Problem To Be Solved Through Referendum?


“The citizen of the Republic of Armenia has all the rights guaranteed by the Constitution to decide whether Amulsar mine will be developed or whether Amulsar will remain a mountain. Are you going to put the matter of Amulsar Mine to a referendum? ”Ani Samsonyan, a member of “Bright Armenia” faction, asked RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on March 4 at National Assembly.
In response, Nikol Pashinyan said: “If we come to the conclusion as a result of the discussions that there is such a need, we are not constrained by anything. If we haven't come up with such an initiative so far, that means we haven't arrived at the conclusion that we should hold a referendum on this issue.”
“If the Armenian legislation allows this issue to be resolved through a referendum, for example, the Armenian legislation also allows a referendum by a civil initiative. If there is such an opportunity, why not take such an initiative? If there is no such opportunity then one should look at. This is a purely legal matter that I am not ready to answer it now. We will look at your proposal and see what the legal field is in this regard,” Nikol Pashinyan replied.

15:13 March 05, 2020


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