Seyran Minasyan on Amulsar Risks - Pollution of Arpa and Vorotan Rivers Inevitable

Seyran Minasyan on Amulsar Risks - Pollution of Arpa and Vorotan Rivers Inevitable


Seyran Minasyan, PhD in Chemical Sciences, specialist water in ecosystem, talked about the dangers of Amulsar gold-bearing quartzite deposit in the water basin at Shant TV booth. “In 2017-2019, we carried out 8 expeditions in Amulsar. These data were submitted to the Investigative Committee. Our digital data was very close to the Lydian’s results. Another issue is the interpretation and conclusions of this data. Based on the same data, Lydian says there will be no impact on the Spandaryan-Kechut tunnel.

ELARD has written that it may have partial impact, it may not be. I think there will be an impact, I am sure of that impact. I do not believe in the elimination of pollution. Maybe it is possible to minimize it. The roof surface will be very large. Imagine about 1,000 ha of empty rock ore. If anyone is convinced that it can isolate 1,000 hectares in a way that pollutes the well, then I don't believe it. 6 million cubic meters of water are discharged annually through the Spandaryan-Kechut tunnel.

These are surface waters that absorb into the mountain, discharge into the tunnel over time. If mining occurrs, that 6 million would grow to 8-9 million cubic meters. And here the distribution and penetration of water contaminated by all roads into the water systems cannot be controlled, and I think that inevitably some of the Arpa and Vorotan river basins will be polluted," Minasyan noted.

Learn more in Shant TV video.

18:39 August 22, 2019


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