Landslips Destroying Village
16:22 August 30, 2011 | Climate Change | Tavush
While the Armenian Government will take steps, the villagers are worriedly waiting for fall rains, as the landslips become more and more active in that season.
EcoLur Presentation –The Best
18:01 August 25, 2011 | Dialog with officials | Tavush
The presentation by EcoLur,, was recognized as the best out of 12 presentations at the Forum held in Berd Town, Tavush Region
No Illegal Felling in Kirants Forest?
15:57 August 23, 2011 | Forest | Tavush
Recently “Won’t Keep Silence” Civic Initiative has disseminated a statement, which says trucks loaded with timber and without state plates
ENPI FLEG NPAC meeting in Tavush marz
07:29 July 12, 2011 | Forest | Tavush
During the discussion all the participants acknowledged the importance of sustainable forest management, and importance of treating three components –

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