Very “Responsible Mining” by “Cronimet”
17:48 September 29, 2015 | Mining | Syunik
The Pan-Armenian Environmental Front (PEF) civic initiative’s video shooting in the area of Artsvanik tailing dump owned by ZCMC showed once again that the wastewater from
Death in "Dundee Precious Metals Kapan" Company
14:41 September 29, 2015 | Mining | Syunik
On 23 September an accident took place in the surface area of southern section of Shahumyan mine owned by "Dundee Precious Metals Kapan" Company, which caused
Kavart Dead Pit: Time Bomb
10:54 September 23, 2015 | Mining | Syunik
Kavart dead pit is one of the environmental hazards jeopardizing Kapan Town and other adjacent settlements, the water of which rich in heavy metals get mixed with surface and ground waters in different ways thus turning into time bomb for environment and people
Tracing Felled Down Forests 2 - Syunik (Photos)
16:11 September 22, 2015 | Forest | Syunik
The short trip made on 20 September 2015 to Kapan forestry enterprise of “ArmForest” SNCO convinced us that organized illegal tree felling is carried
Water Problem in Nzhdeh Village, Syunik Region (Photo)
11:58 September 09, 2015 | Small HPPs, Renewable Energy | Syunik
Nzhdeh Village, Syunik Region, (former Soflu Village) has 185 villagers. The village gets its irrigation water from the Ayri River. According to the local resident, the community got deprived of the irrigation water, when a SHPP was constructed on the river. “The SHPP has cut off
Living Here Is Already Heroism (Photos)
16:19 September 08, 2015 | Forest | Lori | Syunik
Tanzaver Village is all surrounded with forest, and even in this hot summer it’s humid there. No shop, transport only once a week. The village used to have a shop, but it had to be closed, as the whole village ran
Quake in Azerbaijan Area
11:02 September 04, 2015 | Officials | Lori | Syunik | Tavush | Yerevan
The quake is felt in a number of residential areas in Armenia – Vanadzor (2-3 magnitude), Stepanavan and Kapan (3 magnitude), Ijevan and Noyemberyan (4 magnitude), Choratan (3-4 magnitude), Aygedzor (4-5 magnitude) and Yerevan (3-4 magntiude).

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