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Reserves To Be Established in Shirak
11:37 February 21, 2014 | Biodiversity | Shirak
Two new reserves will be established in Shirak Region from 2014 to 2017. One reservoir will be established in...
Kaps Reservoir Rehabilitation To Cost 18.5 Million Euros
13:21 August 12, 2013 | Officials | Shirak
Kaps Reservoir situated on the Akhuryan River, Shirak Region, will be rehabilitated, as the government adopted such a resolution at the meeting on 8 August. As the official website of the Armenian Government informs, German KfW Bank expressed its willingness to support
New Hazard of Collapses in Gyumri
11:40 April 29, 2013 | SOS | Shirak
Gyumri town has territories, which collapse, sink or waterlog. The reason is the high level of ground waters located under the town. There are waters and brooks flowing under Gyumri town, which were taken away from the down in the late 19th century through...
Last Fish Reserves Eliminating in Arpi Lake
17:14 September 07, 2012 | Biodiversity | Shirak
After eliminating fish reserves in Lake Sevan now it’s turn for Arpi Lake. Since May the lake near Shaghik Village is covered with nets, where fishermen’s boats are located and where an unprecedented fishing starts

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