Social and Environmental Problems Escalating in Teghout
17:14 July 20, 2016 | Mining | Lori
Teghout copper and molybdenum mine has actively been developed by 'Teghout' CSJC for over a year. In reply to EcoLur's question whether the lives of the people changes in Teghout community
Quake Near Armenia- Georgia Borderline
15:05 July 12, 2016 | Officials | Lori
“The earthquake was recorded magnitude 4.7, its center was 10 kilometers deep; it was felt magnitude 6-7 at the epicenter.”
Construction of Cascade SHPP Planned on Dzoraget
18:43 July 06, 2016 | Small HPPs, Renewable Energy | Lori
The SHPP building will be located on the left bank of the Dzoraget River immediately below the head section of currently operation 'Dzoraget-5' SHPP
Losing Our Water
15:59 June 06, 2016 | Mining | Lori | Shirak | Syunik
The water in Armenia is getting more and more polluted with the wastes. The process threatens to become irreversible for the transboundary rivers. At least three transboundary rivers – Debed, Voghji and Araks have
Armenian PM: Vallex Group Has Financial Problems
14:04 May 06, 2016 | Officials | Lori
“Vallex” Group Company is experiencing financial problems because of the decrease in international prices of copper concentrate. On 4 May the Prime Minister visited the Teghut copper-molybdenum mine, where he
Quake of 2.5 Magnitudes in Armenia
11:03 March 24, 2016 | Officials | Lori
On 24 March, at local time 07:54 a.m., the seismological network of Seismic Protection Service
Invisible Chain Hazard
14:40 March 22, 2016 | Mining | Lori | Syunik | Vayots dzor
There are already evidences of river water pollution in Teghout, Gndevaz villagers have sold apricot orchards in regard with Amulsar, Geghanush residents are protesting in Syunik Region for the protection
Eight Towns in Armenia To Take Part in ''Earth Hour'' World Campaign
15:27 March 17, 2016 | Cities | Aragatsotn | Kotayk | Lori | Shirak | Tavush | Yerevan
Eight towns in Armenia will join ''Earth Hour'' public campaign to be held on 19 March, which aims to gather the society, business, communities and other stakeholders around one idea – to switch off light for one hour for
Quake in Armenia
10:54 March 17, 2016 | Officials | Lori
On 17 March, at 01:02 local time, the Seismological Network of Seismic Protection Service of the Ministry for Emergency States recorded a quake of 2.8 magnitude 10 km east from Stepanavan Town

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