Who Will Be Liable for Poaching In Khosrov?
15:35 September 27, 2012 | Biodiversity | Kotayk
Kaqavaberd section is one of the weakest places in Khosrov Forest , as it has many pathways through which the poachers can
PM Draining River
14:51 August 24, 2012 | Water | Kotayk
Garni villagers informed the “Zhoghovurd” newspaper that the river flowing through the tervritory of Garni Village is drained. According to the, the reason is that
Negative Assessment to Tezhasar Project
15:22 August 01, 2012 | Mining | Kotayk
The grounds laid down by Trchkan Group activists particularly include zones of Arzaqan-Meghradzor, Margahovit, specially protected Hanqavan hydrological territory, forest territories, “Dilijan” National Park, Marmarik reservoir, Marmarik and Aghstev Rivers, which may be
First to Terminate Contract, Then...
13:07 August 01, 2012 | Biodiversity | Kotayk
“Hovazadzor” LLC, which was building a restaurant in Khosrov Forest, has been warned, if it doesn’t give its consent to terminate rental agreement in Gilan Section in “Khosrov Forest” State Reserve, this matter will be tried
Tezhasar: Water, Nepheline- Syenites and Resort Zone (Photos)
02:26 July 30, 2012 | Mining | Kotayk
We are going up Tezhasar through Meghradzoe Village. The whole gorge is full of tents where cattlemen with their families live. They mainly inhabit in local gorges, as places for pasture in other territories are reducing, or they are not allowed

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