Deputy Nature Protection Minister: NGOs Irrelevant in Khosrov
13:59 November 05, 2012 | Biodiversity | Ararat | Kotayk
The Coordinator of the Public Environmental Alliance Silve Adamyan was rejected to take part in the discussion of the problem of “Khosrov Forest” State Reserve. Reminder: on November 5 Nature Protection Minister Aram Harutyunyan invited a meeting at Khosorov reserve
Whether or Not There Was Fire in Khosorv Reserve?
17:09 October 18, 2012 | Biodiversity | Ararat | Kotayk
Contradictory information is received about the rumours concerning a powerful fire in “Khoasrov Forest” reserve. Under EcoLur’s sources, the fire took place on 9 October and enveloped about 10 ha of reserve: about 100 junipers
Police Pressure on Poaching Suspect Norik Sargsyan Boosted
19:40 October 01, 2012 | Biodiversity | Kotayk
The police pressure on the poaching suspect Norik Sargsyan has increased. According to “Khosrov Forest” civic initiative, since the morning Norik Sargsyan has been at the Criminal investigation Department of Kotays Region with
Poaching in Khosrov Reserve Detected?
13:18 October 01, 2012 | Biodiversity | Kotayk
According to the police, the person guilty of the poaching of red-listed animals in Kaqavaberd section in Khosrov reserve
Who Will Be Liable for Poaching In Khosrov?
15:35 September 27, 2012 | Biodiversity | Kotayk
Kaqavaberd section is one of the weakest places in Khosrov Forest , as it has many pathways through which the poachers can

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