Hidden Risks: Uranium in Tezhsar Mine
11:25 January 10, 2013 | Mining | Kotayk
Tezhsar nepheline-syenites are accompanied with uranium and other radioactive elements, nevertheless, the project of Tezhsar opencast mine development submitted for the opinion of the environmental expertise by “Alumina Corporation” LLC doesn’t say a word about these words
Criminal Case against ArmForest Employees
10:51 January 09, 2013 | Officials | Kotayk
The department of Protection of State Interests of Public Prosecutor’s Office of Armenia has initiated a criminal case against the employees of “ArmForest” SNCO. The basis of the charge is that in 2009 they faked
Cyanic Armenia
12:03 January 08, 2013 | Mining | Aragatsotn | Ararat | Kotayk | Vayots dzor
Each mining company in Armenia considers it to be its duty to construct its own gold extraction plant. That’s why you can already 3 plants constructed in a tiny territory. Ararat gold extraction plant (Ararat Region) owned by GeoProMining Gold processes concentrate from Sotq gold ore and Meghradzor gold mine. Not far you can find
Risks of Mining Industry Concentrated in Meghradzor Resort Zone
12:28 December 25, 2012 | Mining | Kotayk
EcoLur thinks that the process of public discussions on these very projects passed into non-transparency stage, personal arrangements and high pressure on public and local villagers, which is fraught with high corruption risks and law violations. We call for Nature Protection Ministry and personally Minister Aram Harutyunyan
Freezing Tree Felling in Hrazdan
16:42 December 24, 2012 | Cities | Kotayk
Suddenly a whole bulk of posts appeared, which used to be trees, among well-known Christmas trees of Hrazdan stretching along the whole highway of Hrazdan-Yerevan. You can count about 100 such stubs. You can understand by traces
Public Protested Fact of Holding Public Hearings on Tezhsar Project
11:50 December 24, 2012 | Mining | Kotayk
Public representatives protested the fact of holding public hearings on 21 December on the project of Tezhsar nepheline-syenite mine by Alumina Corporation. The statement of the hearings is already the fourth. “Healthy Hrazdan” civic initiative
Second Hearings on Cyanic Plant Project in Meghradzor Village
16:01 December 19, 2012 | Mining | Kotayk
The second public hearings were held on the construction project of a new cyanic plant by “Meghradzor Gold” Company in Meghradzor Village on 17 December. As Hrazdan Aarhus Center Coordinator and member of “Healthy Hrazdan” civic initiative Zhora Arakelyan told EcoLur, the project developers
“Symphony of Stones” Natural Monument Always Be Focused
23:07 December 12, 2012 | Officials | Kotayk
“Upon the instructions of the Police Chief, the routes of the patrol duty will be arranged in the territory of “Symphony of Stones” natural monument in such a way so that the monument will be always focused on and under control, the matter of setting up
New Hearings on Cyanic Plant in Meghradzor
13:31 December 11, 2012 | Mining | Kotayk
New public hearings on the project of a cyanic plant in Meghradzor will be held on 17 December. Nevertheless, so far the public haven’t received the minutes of the public hearings held on 5 December or the full text. The website of Nature Protection Ministry displays only a part of the project concerning atmosphere pollution. EcoLur presents the video recording of the hearings (a bit reduced version) and some information about the cyanic project
Hrach Hovakimyan - Chargé d'affaires of Khosrov Reserve Director
11:26 December 11, 2012 | Biodiversity | Ararat | Kotayk
The Public Relations Office of Nature Protection Ministry has informed EcoLur that Nature Protection Ministry has appointed Hrach Hovakimyan chargé d'affaires of "Khosrov Forest" State Reserve Directo
Whether Police to Be on Duty 24 Hours near Symphony of Stones
19:32 December 10, 2012 | Dialog with officials | Kotayk
“Trchkan” Civic Initiative has applied to applied to Chief Police of Armenia Vladimir Gasparyan about carrying out objective investigation against those citizens, who used the natural monument for their own needs – basalt rock famous as
Two Hours before Public Hearings on Cyanic Plant in Meghradzor
02:01 December 07, 2012 | Mining | Kotayk
According to the agreement with “GeoProMining Gold” Company, “Meghradzor Gold” transfers ore to Ararat gold extraction plant, where Dore bas is obtained. Now “Meghradzor Gold” intends to become independent and to build
Cyanic Plant in Meghradzor: To Be or Not To Be (Photos)
18:49 December 05, 2012 | Mining | Kotayk
Even before the start of the hearings it turned out that the project having submitted for the discussions significantly differs from the project displayed on the website of Nature Protection Ministry, i.e. the ministry website displayed only one part of this large project. That’s why the discussions were held
Investigation in Process
16:20 November 30, 2012 | Officials | Kotayk
The Police of Kotayk Region detected the identities of those who have certain connection with the plunder and transportation of basalt bars broken off the Symphony of Stones in Garni: local residents Felix M., Sevan G. and
New Cyanic Plant in Meghradzor?
11:55 November 30, 2012 | Officials | Kotayk
“Meghradzor Gold” Company will hold public hearings on the project of construction a plant for gold extraction in Meghradzor Village, at 12:00 on 5 December. The gold will be cyanide
Gabriel Poghosyan Won’t Be Khosrov Reserve Director
13:39 November 29, 2012 | Officials | Ararat | Kotayk
The press release of Nature Protection Ministry informs that Nature Protection Minister Aram Harutyunyan met the Gabriel Poghosyan’s request not to continue

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