No Additional Water Outlet from Lake Sevan This Year
14:12 June 15, 2015 | Officials | Gegharkunik
This year no additional water outlet from Lake Sevan will be conducted, as Yuri Javadyan, Chairman of Scientific-Expert Committee on Lake Sevan told EcoLur in his interview.
Amulsar Project May Lead to Acidic Disaster in Sevan
18:33 June 10, 2015 | Mining | Gegharkunik | Syunik | Vayots dzor
Meanwhile dumps can’t be “temporarily hidden from rains” with water-proof mud pads, as the ground water will in any case have the oxidative drainage of tails into Sevan.
"Eric" SHPP Monitoring Results (Photos)
16:51 May 25, 2015 | Small HPPs, Renewable Energy | Gegharkunik
In the frames of “Support to SHPP-relating reforms through the dialogue of public and RA Nature Protection Ministry for Sustainable Use of River Ecosystems” project the expert group visited "Eric" SHPP
Fire in "Sevan" National Park
12:57 May 20, 2015 | Officials | Gegharkunik
On 20 May fire burst out in the area of "Sevan" National Park, near Shorzha
People Stealing 4 Bags of Gold Ore Caught
13:14 April 29, 2015 | Officials | Gegharkunik
Vardenis Division police officers detained Arthur Kh., born in 1983 and Khachatur E., born in 1992, for committing a theft in the area of one of Sotq gold mine galleries

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