What to Preserve in Ararat Valley: Fish Farms or Water?
16:19 December 16, 2013 | Biodiversity | Ararat
“The proposed amendments will adversely affect on the fish farming, as there are concerns that the competitiveness of business entities which have established with so many difficulties will reduce,” mentioned...
Deep Well To Be Liquidated in Ararat Region
18:09 October 31, 2013 | Officials | Ararat
On 1 November an illegal deep well will be liquidated in Ararat Region. Afterwards explanatory talks will be conducted with...
Date of Illegal Well Liquidation in Ararat Valley Known
14:46 October 24, 2013 | Officials | Ararat
As the Information and Public Relations Department of Nature Protection Ministry informs the public hearings on the liquidation of the well in the proper procedure will be held in...

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