Whether or Not There Was Fire in Khosorv Reserve?
17:09 October 18, 2012 | Biodiversity | Ararat | Kotayk
Contradictory information is received about the rumours concerning a powerful fire in “Khoasrov Forest” reserve. Under EcoLur’s sources, the fire took place on 9 October and enveloped about 10 ha of reserve: about 100 junipers
Why Ministry Needs Hotline?
15:43 July 04, 2012 | Biodiversity | Ararat
On 4 June a signal alarm was circulated on Facebook about the construction works in "Khosrov Forest" State reserve. The statement particularly says, "Now bulldozers are operating on the road leading from Khosrov to Avoustar
What is Going on with Previous Restaurant in Khosrov?
17:26 June 26, 2012 | Biodiversity | Ararat
Activists are beating an alarm signal on Facebook social network. They are writing that the owners of suspended restaurant complex in Khosrov forest and Nature Protection Ministry officials demonstrate incomprehensible activity
Goravan Sandstones: Dahl’s Jird Extinct for World as Species
18:17 June 21, 2012 | Biodiversity | Ararat
The question of “Goravan Sandstones” specially protected territory should be discussed at the governmental meeting on 22 June. Nature Protection Ministry intends to submit the program on recovery of “Goravan Sandstones” state wildlife
Bill on Increase in Water Outlets from Lake Sevan Has Resolute Nature
14:55 June 21, 2012 | Sevan | Ararat | Gegharkunik
In very Ararat valley, farmers many times applied to the authorities with a request to allow them to pay the fees for irrigation after harvesting. Nevertheless, no indulgences are given to them. No money means to water. Land areas are not cultivated because of low pay-ability of farmers. The land salination process is
Large Green Zone Needed to Ararat Cement Plant
18:27 April 16, 2012 | Cities | Ararat
Ararat residents are asking the country authorities to create a large green zone in situ that will mitigate the emissions of Ararat cement plant
Our Town Is very Clean: Just Much Dust (Photo)
17:01 April 13, 2012 | Air | Ararat
The situation in Ararat is catastrophic, and we can feel this on our skin, but nobody talks about it… everybody knows that we have rather high percentage of cancer diseases
Another Cyanic Technology in Armenia
15:41 April 10, 2012 | Mining | Ararat | Syunik | Vayots dzor
While Europe declares itself as a zone free from cyanogen, cyanic technologies are reborn in Armenia. Another new cyanic production in Syunik Region has come
“GeoProMining Gold” Company Conceals Information about Objects Posing Risks
14:24 April 07, 2012 | Mining | Ararat
In the course of the shooting a company employee came up to them and said they were in the territory of the company and must leave it if they don’t have any permit. Though the company territory was not marked, EcoLur staff agreed to leave it, nevertheless, the security didn’t let them go and called the police

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