Garbage Landfill in Ashtarak and Orchards– Incompatible
15:38 June 14, 2013 | SOS | Aragatsotn
Ashtarak residents have applied to PM Tigran Sargsyan complaining about the inactions of governmental bodies – Nature Protection, Health, Agriculture and Urban Development Ministries in regard with the construction of garbage landfill. The problem is that
Nature Protection Ministry Issued Negative Opinion to Mining Projects
15:01 May 07, 2013 | Officials | Aragatsotn | Gegharkunik | Kotayk
The environmental expertise of Nature Protection Ministry turned down three mining projects submitted for the opinion of the environmental expertise. One of them is the project from “Mego Gold” Company...
EcoLur Opinion on Tailing Dump Construction Project in Meliq Village
15:16 April 25, 2013 | Mining | Aragatsotn
“EcoLur” Informational NGO has sent its opinion on Tailing Dump Construction Project in Meliq Village to the Ministry of Nature Protection. The opinion says, “The tailing dump construction project in Meliq village proposed by...
Letter to Raffi Hovhannisian on Global Gold
18:26 April 03, 2013 | Mining | Aragatsotn
The Coordinator of Public Environmental Alliance Silva Adamyan has addressed a letter to “Heritage” faction leader Raffi Hovhanissian on Global Gold Company, which says
Stop Fake Anouncements
00:04 January 31, 2013 | Mining | Aragatsotn
In January 25, 2013 an open letter was published on behalf of the Ecological Public Alliance (signatories Hakob Sanasarian and Silva Adamian) addressed to President of Global Gold Mr. Van Krikorian (the “Letter”)
Construction Project of New Tailing Dump in Meliq Village Sent to Health Ministry and Ministry of Emergency States
15:37 January 28, 2013 | Officials | Aragatsotn
The Nature Protection Ministry has held a consultation on the project submitted by “Mego Gold” LLC, the construction of a new tailing dump of Tukhmanuk ore-dressing plant in Meliq Village (Aragatsotn Region). As the official statement of the Ministry says, “In regard with the documents submitted for the expertise, the findings of the public
Union of Greens of Armenia and Public Environmental Alliance Addressed Open Letter to Global Gold Corporation Owner
14:31 January 28, 2013 | Mining | Aragatsotn
The Union of Greens of Armenia and the Public Environmental Alliance has circulated in social networks and press an open letter addressed to the Chairman and CEO of Global Gold Corporation Van Krikorian. The letter particularly says, “American “Global Gold” Corporation develops a number of mines in opencast manner in Armenia destroying
Cyanic Armenia
12:03 January 08, 2013 | Mining | Aragatsotn | Ararat | Kotayk | Vayots dzor
Each mining company in Armenia considers it to be its duty to construct its own gold extraction plant. That’s why you can already 3 plants constructed in a tiny territory. Ararat gold extraction plant (Ararat Region) owned by GeoProMining Gold processes concentrate from Sotq gold ore and Meghradzor gold mine. Not far you can find

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