“Gegharot” Small HPP, Monitoring Results (Photos)
19:20 July 24, 2015 | Small HPPs, Renewable Energy | Aragatsotn
In the framework of the project entitled “Support to the Reforms of SHPPs through a Dialogue between the Public and The Ministry of Nature Protection of the RA for the Purpose of River Ecosystem Use” the expert group visited “Gegharot” SHPP. As a result of the monitoring the expert group found out:
Concentration of DDT in Agricultural Lands is High
16:59 July 10, 2015 | SOS | Aragatsotn | Ararat | Armavir
A high content of DDT is found in11 croft lands from 25 samples in Ararat region’s Sayat Nova, Armavir region’s Jrarat, Khanjyan, Norapat communities, as well as in Aragatsotn region’s
Local Population About SHPPs: Aragatz and Vardenut Communities
16:12 July 07, 2015 | Water | Aragatsotn
“EcoLur” presents opinions of residents in HPPs impact zone, about the activities of SHPPs within the frames of “Support to SHPP-relating reforms through the dialogue of public and RA Nature Protection Ministry for Sustainable Use of River Ecosystems”. We introduce you residences’ opinions living
Head  of Aragats Community about SHPP Impact
13:47 July 03, 2015 | Water | Aragatsotn
The study particularly mentions, “The research of Fe, Al, Co, Mn, Cr, Cd, Zn, Na, Mg, Ca, K and elements and metals in Ghegharot river reveals that two SHPPs out of which the concentrations of elements at the bottom of observation station (2-10 times, an average of 5-7 times) exceed the concentrations in the upper observation station. This shows that the 2 SHPP plants have
10 Towns in Armenia Committed to Reduce CO2 Emissions by 20% Till 2020
18:03 March 30, 2015 | Officials | Aragatsotn | Kotayk | Shirak | Tavush | Vayots dzor | Yerevan
The Nature Protection Ministry organized a discussion with the community heads having joined EU ‘Covenant of Mayors’ initiative towards the 21st convention of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Out of Armenian towns joined
Buried Pesticides Under Examination in Several Regions
12:23 October 10, 2014 | SOS | Aragatsotn | Gegharkunik | Lori | Tavush
The NGO is concerned with the absence of safety measures for people and environment, “Pesticides may cause incurable damage to health penetrating into the organism with water and agrofood. They harm kidney, respiration and

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