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18:59 May 03, 2018 | Mining | Vayots dzor
Lydian announced that the Board of Directors has appointed João Carrêlo as President and Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board, who will replace
SHPP and Politics Clashed in Vardenik
18:39 May 03, 2018 | Water | Gegharkunik
Vardenik villagers in Gegharkounik Region have today unblocked the water supply to 'Vardenik' SHPP owned by Hakob Hakobyan's family, which was blocked on 2 May. Vardenik residents blocked the SHPP water, as the SHPP doesn't
Weather Forecast in Armenia
16:40 May 03, 2018 | Weather
After the daytime of May 3-4, on 5-8 in most regions from time to time rain and thunderstorm
Congratulations with World Press Freedom Day, Hura!!!
12:15 May 03, 2018 | "EcoLur" Press Club
Today, on 3 May, we are celebrating the World Press Freedom Day with a special feeling to the journalists working in the squares of Yerevan and the regions of the country where the rallies and protest demonstrations
Around 16 Million AMD Damage Caused to Nature Within One Week
12:41 April 27, 2018 | Officials
The Nature Protection Ministry informs that from 16.04.2018–20.04.2018 the employees of RA Nature Protection and Soil Inspection Body detected and recorded 33 violations during inspections it carried out, and
Hiking - Marching to Amulsar on April 28: AEF
16:51 April 26, 2018 | Mining | Vayots dzor
By going to Amulsar on April 28, we aim to raise the awareness of the local residents about the dangers of the gold-mining project and about the ongoing resistance. Moreover, we also aim to raise
Tree Planting in Yerablur and Specially Protected Areas of Nature
14:54 April 26, 2018 | Forest | Gegharkunik | Yerevan
The RA Ministry of Nature Protection announced a month of Pan-Armenian tree planting within the framework of which reforestation and afforestation activities will be conducted within the 80 hectare area of forestry of all RA regions
Armenian Prime Minister's Election To Be Discussed on 1 May
13:13 April 26, 2018 | Officials | Yerevan
National Assembly Speaker Ara Babloyan stated that under Paragraph 3 of Article 140 of the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Armenia Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly, the item of the Prime Minister’s election will be debated on May 1, at
Weather Forecast in Armenia
15:59 April 25, 2018 | Weather
On April 25-26 no precipitation is expected. On 27-29 in the afternoon short

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