5600 Trees Planted in Dilijan National Park
14:26 November 20, 2017 | Forest | Tavush
On 18 November the RPA, PPA, ARF and 'Yelq' faction MPS together with the employees of RA Nature Protection Ministry planted trees in Dilijan National Park. On this day, tree planting was
Shekaghbyur Project Hazardous for Health
13:52 November 20, 2017 | Mining | Lori
As the project mentions the Shekaghbyur mine is a poly-metallic one. Polymetallic ores contain elements, which are considered to be extremely hazardous for the human health such as lead, zinc, bismuth, arsenic, and antimony. Irregardless of the fact what kind of natural resources 'Miram' LLC wants to mine, for example, gold, the main components of the polymetallic mine will affect the human health
Weather Forecast in Armenia
12:50 November 20, 2017 | Weather
On November 22 there is coldness coming from the Barents Sea and precipitation is expected in the mountain parts of Shirak, Gegharkunik, Kotayk, Aragatsotn, Vayots Dzor with snow
After Optimization Gladzor Community Says No to Mining
18:57 November 16, 2017 | Mining | Vayots dzor
After its optimization Gladzor community hasn't changed its position on Gladzor polymetallic mine development and says no to mining. Vernashen and Getap communities have been joined to Gladzor as
River Courses Decreased in Armenia
18:42 November 16, 2017 | Water
The river courses in Armenia have decreased: the main reasons are water overexploitation and climate change. On 16 November the Armenian Government adopted
Whether Arevis Will Continue Existing? (Photos)
18:09 November 16, 2017 | Small HPPs, Energy | Syunik
Borderline Arevis community in Syunik Region, Armenia, is gradually getting destroyed. There aren't any new buildings in the community. The only new structure is the building of 'Arevis-1' SHPP, which is
RA Nature Protection Proposed to Adopt New Strategy
16:57 November 16, 2017 | Officials
RA Nature Protection Ministry is proposing a new strategy to ensure ecosystem approach to environmental and natural resource management. The draft protocol resolution of RA Government entitled

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